Christoph Winterhalter elected as ISO-Vice President Policy

Christoph Winterhalter
Christoph Winterhalter, Chairman of the Executive Board

Today, DIN CEO Christoph Winterhalter was elected as new ISO-Vice President Policy by the ISO General Assembly. In this position he will be responsible for ISO’s Policy and Strategy. He will take on this additional role from January 1, 2022,  initially for two years.

“We are facing various changes around the world. The green and digital transformation offers us opportunities to make the economy and society around the globe more sustainable, safer and better. International standards are the foundation to make this possible. With the new ISO Strategy 2030, we have set a clear framework for our work. Now is the time to implement it together. In close cooperation with all ISO members, I will strive to achieve our goals,” said Christoph Winterhalter, describing his task.

The ISO 2030 strategy was published in March 2021. It addresses three core elements from which implementation plans and projects are currently being developed:

• Identifying global challenges early on and finding ways that standardization can help solve them.

• Improving knowledge as regards the requirements of standards users and the creation of viable solutions. This is especially true in the context of digital transformation and the resulting requirements for alternative forms (e.g. machine-readable) for the provision of standards.

• Including all relevant stakeholders and establishing networks at an early (pre-normative) stage.

In his role as Vice-President Policy, Christoph Winterhalter will be responsible for the implementation of the ISO Strategy 2030 among many other tasks. His focus will also be on promoting and accelerating the digital transformation of ISO processes and results, and on linking ISO activities even more closely with the sustainability criteria defined by the United Nations.

DIN is one of 164 ISO-members in total.


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