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The success of a good idea often depends on how long it takes to reach the market. A DIN SPEC is the fastest way to turn research into a marketable product. No obligation to reach a consensus, and smaller, more agile working groups make it possible to develop a DIN SPEC within only a few months. Thanks to the worldwide respect for the DIN "brand", DIN SPECs are effective marketing instruments that are widely accepted by customer and potential partners alike. DIN's job is to ensure that a DIN SPEC does not conflict with any existing standards. With its international contacts, Beuth Verlag sees that DIN SPECs are published and sold to a wide circle of customers. And any DIN SPEC can be used as a basis for a full standard.


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Current business plans
Document number Begin Title
DIN SPEC 91405 2018-10 Organizational change management for consulting projects More 
DIN SPEC 91406 2018-10 Automatic Identification in the nameplate More 
DIN SPEC 91404 2018-10 Guideline for the Standardization of Maintenance Processes More 

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New projects
Document number Begin Title
DIN SPEC 77229-3 2018-08-31 Technical services - Service categories and contents for industrial process engineering systems - Part 3: Metalwork More  Comment 
DIN SPEC 91373-2 2018-08-08 Magnetocalorics - Measurement of magnetocaloric properties of magnetocaloric materials More  Comment 
DIN SPEC 77008 2018-07-17 Requirements for a digital end-end process for communication between tenants/owners, property management companies and service providers More  Comment 

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Document number Edition Procedure Title
DIN SPEC 16699 2018-11 PAS Open Colour Communication; Text in German and English More  Free Download
DIN SPEC 91383 2018-11 PAS JT Industrial Application Package (JTIAP) More  Free Download
DIN SPEC 91365 2018-09 PAS Needle Puncture Testing More  Free Download


Withdrawn DIN SPEC
Document number Begin Title
PAS 1005 1999-06 Powder-fed laser beam cladding of marine engine components - Engineering of cross head pin More 

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