Platform of the German Committee of Standards Users (ANP)

What is ANP?

The Committee of Standards Users (ANP) in DIN is a platform for mutually exchanging ideas and information between standards users, standards setters - and all stakeholders in standardization.

Founded in 1919, the Committee has gone through several changes - not only in name - over the past century. Today, ANP forms a link between standards users in all sectors and the DIN Group: DIN, DIN Media and DIN Software.
Please note that ANP does not develop standards itself.

Our tasks:

  • Supporting and facilitating exchanges of experience regarding our members' intercompany and intracompany work on standards.
  • Deepening the understanding and awareness of standards.
  • Discussing issues relating to standards and finding solutions, at national and international level, including questions relating to standards management.
  • Exchanging information with the DIN Group and making suggestions relating to the user-friendliness of standards and standards work.
  • Illustrating the benefits of standardization and addressing strategic issues.
  • Promoting the application of standards in companies.
  • Taking part in national and international standards work.
  • Providing further training for ANP members, e.g. as standards experts.
  • Knowledge transfer through publications (guides, DIN Media Pockets, Technical Reports, articles in DIN's monthly journal "DIN-Mitteilungen", ANP brochures for standards users).

ANP informs its members early on of important developments within the world of standardization, allowing them to become involved in the decision-making process at DIN at an early stage.

Further information about the ANP and current dates can be found on the German version of the website.