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DIN SPEC 35201
Reference model for the development of sustainable services

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Referenzmodell für die Entwicklung nachhaltiger Dienstleistungen




This DIN SPEC has been prepared in the PAS procedure by a workshop (temporary committee). This DIN SPEC was developed and approved by the authors named in the foreword. This reference model is directed at those service providers claiming to include, beyond the legal requirement, considerations of social responsibility such as social, ethical and environmental aspects in their decision-making and to account for the impact of their activities and decisions. The basis for the development of services is a service model which is based on common and tried-and-tested models and illustrates the central phases of a service development. The integral part of the reference model is a maximum catalogue for sustainability criteria in the development of services. From the maximum catalogue the relevant criteria can be used for each service to be developed so that a service-specific selection is made. The selected criteria serve the service developers to specify suitable measures, indicators and standards for each criterion. Examples and indications for possible and tried and tested measures, indicators and standards serve as orientation guides. The reference model and the maximum catalogue themselves do not contain specifications for measures and indicators and do not define aims and standards. Depending on the sector, those can be provided by associations and similar institutions, if necessary. This document has been developed in the course of the project "Innovationen durch Standards und Normen" ("Innovations through standards and norms") in Project 12018 "Referenzmodell für die Entwicklung ökologisch nachhaltiger Dienstleistungen" ("Reference model for the development of ecologically sustainable services").

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Edition 2015-04
Original language German
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