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DIN 50125
Testing of metallic materials - Tensile test pieces

Title (German)

Prüfung metallischer Werkstoffe - Zugproben


This document lays down specifications for test pieces which can be used for tensile testing metallic materials in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6892-1. The standard serves to facilitate the production of tensile specimens in the workshop. The tensile specimens specified in this standard are examples that correspond to the general conditions standardized in DIN EN ISO 6892-1. Tensile test specimens deviating from DIN 50125 are also in conformity with the standard provided they meet the specifications in DIN EN ISO 6892-1. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 062-01-42 AA "Zug- und Duktilitätsprüfung für Metalle" ("Tensile and ductility testing of metals") at DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing (NMP).

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NA 062-01-42 AA - Tensile and ductility testing of metals  

Edition 2016-12
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