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DIN 50106
Testing of metallic materials - Compression test at room temperature

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Prüfung metallischer Werkstoffe - Druckversuch bei Raumtemperatur


This document is applicable to the compression test at room temperature on all metallic materials and is used to evaluate the strength and deformation behavior of the material under investigation. For this purpose, a cylindrical compression specimen with the initial cross-section So is subjected to a steady load and the compressive force and compression that occur are measured. According to this standard, the stress/deformation behavior and the characteristic values that can be determined from it are determined. If special regulations or test standards exist for certain materials or product forms, then these shall be taken into account or the test shall be carried out according to the corresponding standard. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 062-01-42 AA "Zug- und Duktilitätsprüfung für Metalle" ("Tensile and ductility testing of metals") at DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing (NMP).

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NA 062-01-42 AA - Tensile and ductility testing of metals  

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