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DIN 25409-2
Remote handling devices for use behind shielding walls - Part 2: Master-slave manipulators with three pivots - Dimensions

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Fernbedienungsgeräte zum Arbeiten hinter Schutzwänden - Teil 2: Parallelmanipulatoren mit 3 Gelenken - Maße


This standard shall be applied to master-slave manipulators with three pivots which are primarily used to work with radioactive substances behind shielding walls, mostly hot cells made of lead or steel, if necessary with a contamination protection box. Requirements for master-slave manipulators with three pivots according to DIN 25409-5. The dimensions specified in this standard facilitate the planning and construction of hot cells in which master-slave manipulators are used in accordance with this standard, and the interchangeability of the devices with one another. In addition, the delivery times should be shortened for the initial equipping of hot cells with master-slave manipulators and the procurement of spare parts.

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NA 062-07-62 AA - Radiation protection devices 

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