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DIN 51131
Testing of floor coverings - Determination of the anti-slip property - Method for measurement of the sliding friction coefficient

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Prüfung von Bodenbelägen - Bestimmung der rutschhemmenden Eigenschaft - Verfahren zur Messung des Gleitreibungskoeffizienten


This standard specifies the parameters for measurement of the sliding friction coefficient on surfaces usually walked on with footwear. It applies for the measurement of floor coverings with or without displacement space up to 4 cm3/dm1 and for textile floor coverings. The measurement can be carried out on dry, wet surfaces or on surfaces with defined lubricant as well during operation. The slip resistance tester is equipped with sliders and is pulled parallel to the surface of the floor covering at a constant speed. The force required for this is determined over the length of the measuring distance. For determination of the sliding friction coefficient this force is divided by the vertical force. The test can be carried out in wet condition with or without lubricant, during operation or in the dry state. The committee responsible for this test standard is NA 062-08-82 AA "Prüfung der rutschhemmenden Eigenschaft von Bodenbelägen" ("Testing of the anti-slip property of floor coverings") at DIN.

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NA 062-08-82 AA - Test methods for slip restistance of pedestrian surfaces  

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