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DIN 25407-3
Shielding walls against ionizing radiation - Part 3: Construction of lead hot cells

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Abschirmwände gegen ionisierende Strahlung - Teil 3: Errichtung von Heißen Zellen aus Blei


This document applies for hot cells enclosed by lead shielding and in which radioactive substances are handled. For construction, bricks according to DIN 25407-1 and special construction elements according to DIN 25407-2 are used. With the help of components for contamination protection boxes in accordance with DIN 25480-1, alpha-gamma cells can be constructed. They might involve facilities for experimental and production purposes. See DIN 25420-1 for concrete cells. The document has been prepared by NA 062-07-62 AA "Strahlenschutzeinrichtungen" ("Radiation protection") at the Materials Testing Standards Committee (NMP).

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NA 062-07-62 AA - Radiation protection devices 

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