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DIN 51757
Testing of mineral oils and related materials - Determination of density

Title (German)

Prüfung von Mineralölen und verwandten Stoffen - Bestimmung der Dichte


This document has been prepared by NA 062-06-42 AA "Prüfung von flüssigen Kraftstoffen und Heizölen" ("Testing of liquid fuels and fuel oils") at the Standardization Committee for Petroleum, Fuels, Lubricants and Related Products (FAM) of the Materials Testing Standards Committee (NMP). It specifies methods for conversion of the measured values to density at standard temperature (15 °C), for conversion of the density at standard temperature to a density at another temperature ("reference temperature") and methods for calculating the volume correction factor for mineral oils and related materials. The methods to be used for measurement of density are also given. The conversions described are required if the density has been measured at a temperature other than the temperature required. With regard to the calculation methods explained in clause 6, this document has been prepared with reference to the standards ASTM D 1250-80 and API STD 2540:1982, whereby DIN 51757 contains modifications because certain additional or specific national requirements (for instance, material, density ranges, temperature limits) had to be taken into account. In the meantime, portions of these modifications have been taken into account by ASTM and API.

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NA 062-06-84 AA - Joint working group NA 062-06-42 AA/NA 062-06-61 AA 

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