NA 062

DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing

NA 062-01-40 AA
Mechanic-technological test methods of metals; Advisory Group for the subject groups 14 and 15

- The committee of representatives defines the framework for the working committees in areas 14 and 15, taking into account economic efficiency and the needs of the general public. - The committee of representatives sets up working committees after determining the field of work for standardization, can review the appropriate composition of the working committee and also dissolve it again. It reviews and harmonizes new standardization projects and supports the NMP Advisory Board in securing funding for this work. - The areas of work relate in particular to mechanical technological test methods for metals and their semi-finished products, including hardness tests, tensile and ductility tests, creep tests, impact strength tests, fatigue tests, fracture mechanics tests and tests on metallic pipes, as well as the specifications for materials testing machines and the calibration of measuring sensors used. - The committee of representatives does not generally carry out any standardization work itself, but it does monitor and coordinate current national, European and international standardization work. It also derives necessary future topics from day-to-day business and prepares decisions for the NMP Advisory Board. - The committee of representatives is the point of contact for the working committees in areas 14 and 15 for public relation.


DIN-Normenausschuss Materialprüfung (NMP)

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