NA 062

DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing

NA 062-10-11 AA

NA 062-10-11 AA “Footwear“ develops standards on physical, chemical and microbiologcal testing of and requirements for footwear, footwear elements and adhesives for footwear. Relevant environmental aspects and terminology are also taken into account. It is solely responsible for the development of the relevant national standards and acts as mirror committee to CEN/TC 309 “Footwear”, ISO/TC 216 “Footwear”, ISO/TC 137 “Footwear sizing designations and marking systems” and CEN/TC 193/WG 5 “Adhesives for leather and footwear”.

Subordinate Committees of NA 062-10-11 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 062-10-11-01 AK Chemical and microbiological aspects 0


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