NA 062

DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing

NA 062-07 FBR
Board of the Technical Department Nuclear technology and radiation protection

The purpose of the NA 062-07 steering body is the coordination of standards work in Section 7 of the Committee as well as reviewing and ensuring the financing of the work carried out in the area of nuclear technology and radiation protection. The steering body establishes the program framework for the working committees in the area of nuclear technology and radiation protection, taking economic aspects into consideration as well as the benefits for society as a whole. The steering body oversees and approves the development of new standards projects within the section and makes decisions regarding the founding and set-up of working committees, including their work areas. The steering body ensures that the working committees have the proper composition. When all pending topics have been completed, the steering body can have the working committees made dormant or terminate them. The work areas of the working committees are particularly focused upon the following topics: radiation protection equipment, steel and pre-stressed concrete components, decay power, criticality safety, waste products, non-destructive testing, operational monitoring, and radioisotope laboratories and transport containers. The steering body does not perform any standards work itself, but monitors and coordinates all current national, European, and international standards work. In addition, it derives important future standardization topics from its daily tasks and administers standards for which there is no active working committee and initiates the necessary steps. Finally, the steering body takes care of public relations activities.


DIN-Normenausschuss Materialprüfung (NMP)
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