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Drafts of NA 042

Number: 32

DIN EN 18070 2024-04 Performance of wood adhesives at high temperatures and fire - Test methods, evaluation and classification; German and English version prEN 18070:2024 More 
DIN 4567-2 2024-04 Ladders for special professional use - Part 2: Ladders for window cleaning made of wood or aluminium More 
DIN 68200 2024-03 Furniture - Beds and mattresses - Test methods for the determination of functional mechanical characteristics of zone mattresses and zoned lying systems More 
DIN EN 1930 2023-11 Child care articles - Safety barriers - Safety requirements and test methods; German and English version prEN 1930:2023 More 
DIN EN 15119-1 2023-11 Durability of wood and wood-based products - Determination of emissions from preservative treated wood to the environment - Part 1: Wood held in the storage yard after treatment and wooden commodities exposed in Use Class 3 (not covered, not in contact with the ground) - Laboratory method; German and English version prEN 15119-1:2023 More 
DIN EN 118 2023-10 Wood preservatives - Determination of preventive action against Reticulitermes species (European termites) (Laboratory method); German and English version prEN 118:2023 More 
DIN EN 1058 2023-09 Wood-based panels - Determination of characteristic 5-percentile values and characteristic mean values; German and English version prEN 1058:2023 More 
DIN EN 16485 2023-07 Round and sawn timber - Environmental Product Declarations - Product category rules for wood and wood-based products for use in construction; German and English version prEN 16485:2023 More 
DIN EN 13226 2023-06 Wood flooring - Solid parquet elements with grooves and/or tongues; German and English version prEN 13226:2023 More 
DIN EN 15338 2023-05 Hardware for furniture - Strength and durability of extension elements and their components; German and English version prEN 15338:2023 More