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Drafts of NA 042

Number: 34

DIN EN 17456 2019-11 Wood flooring and parquet - Determination of top and bottom layer delamination of multilayer elements - Test method; German and English version prEN 17456:2019 More 
DIN 68800-4 2019-10 Wood preservation - Part 4: Curative treatment of wood destroying fungi and insects and refurbishment More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN 17418 2019-09 Two-component epoxy and polyurethane adhesives for on-site repair of cracked timber structures - Testing, requirements and repair strength verification; German and English version prEN 17418:2019 More 
DIN 4573 2019-09 Seatings for persons with a higher user weight - Safety requirements and test methods More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN 17191 2019-07 Children's furniture - Seating for children - Safety requirements and test methods; German and English version prEN 17191:2019 More 
DIN EN ISO 12460-3 2019-06 Wood-based panels - Determination of formaldehyde release - Part 3: Gas analysis method (ISO/DIS 12460-3:2019); German and English version prEN ISO 12460-3:2019 More 
DIN 68601 2019-05 Bonded wood joints - Terms and definitions More 
DIN EN 17368 2019-05 Laminate floor coverings - Determination of impact resistance with small ball; German and English version prEN 17368:2019 More 
DIN 68800-3 2019-04 Wood preservation - Part 3: Preventive protection of wood with wood preservatives More 
DIN EN 1930 2019-03 Child use and care articles - Safety barriers - Safety requirements and test methods; German and English version prEN 1930:2019 More