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DIN ISO 3567
Vacuum gauges - Calibration by direct comparison with a reference gauge (ISO 3567:2011)

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Vakuummeter - Kalibrieren von Vakuummetern durch direkten Vergleich mit einem Bezugsnormal (ISO 3567:2011)


This standard defines the physical, technical and metrological conditions to be fulfilled when calibrations of vacuum gauges are performed by direct comparison with a reference gauge. From the conditions described, the design of an apparatus that can perform vacuum gauge calibrations in an adequate manner can be deduced. The vacuum gauges to be calibrated can be of any kind. Many types of gauges consist of several parts. Typically, these are: gauge head, cable, operational device and signal read out. This entire set is considered as the unit that has to be calibrated. Whereas, if only the gauge head (that is the part of the vacuum gauge directly exposed to the vacuum) is calibrated, all set-ups and conditions would have to be recorded such that the user of the calibrated gauge head would be able to perform the measurements in the same manner as during the calibration. The reference gauge is either a calibrated gauge, traceable to a vacuum primary or national standard (normal case), with a calibration certificate according to ISO/IEC 17025, or an absolute measuring instrument (rare case), traceable to the SI units and to which a measurement uncertainty can be attributed. This standard does not give guidance on how to treat special types of vacuum gauges, be they reference standards or units under calibration; it is intended that such guidance be given in other standards. This standard contains the German version of ISO 3567:2011, which has been prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 112 "Vacuum technology". The national interests during the preparation are represented by NA 060-07-02 AA "Vakuummessgeräte" ("Vacuum instrumentation") in Technical Section "Vakuumtechnik" ("Vacuum technology") of the Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering (NAM) at DIN. Representatives of manufacturers and users of machines and installations, and of the employers' liability insurance associations participate in the preparation.

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NA 060-07-02 AA - Vacuum instrumentation 

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