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DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering

About NAM

The DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering (NAM) is responsible for standardization work in the area of mechanical engineering. Its activities contain the following branches of engineering:

  • Power Transmission Engineering,
  • Lifts and Escalators Construction Equipment,
  • Building Material Machinery,
  • Sewing and Garment Machinery,
  • Shoe and Leather Machinery,
  • Mining Equipment,
  • Printing & Paper Equipment,
  • Fluid Power Equipment,
  • Material Handlings (Cranes, Lifting Witness, Lifting Platforms, Floors Conveyance, Continuous Conveyor, Storage Engineering) and Logistic Equipment,
  • Security Systems (Safes and Strong Rooms),
  • Foundry Machinery,
  • Woodworking Machinery,
  • Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills Robotic and Automation,
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Compressors,
  • Compressed Air and Vacuum Equipment,
  • Plastics and Rubber Machinery,
  • Agricultural Machinery,
  • Air-handling Technology (Air handling Equipment and Surface Treatment Equipment),
  • Food Processing Machinery,
  • Power Systems (Engines and Turbines),
  • Pumps,
  • Cleaning Systems,
  • Thermo Process Equipment,
  • Process Plant and Equipment,
  • Packaging Machinery,
  • Laundry and Textile Machinery.

Beyond it NAM is elaborating in collaboration with other DIN Standards Committees horizontal standards for the engineering industry.


DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering (NAM)

Gerhard Steiger

Lyoner Str. 18
60528 Frankfurt am Main

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New projects
Document number Begin Title
DIN EN ISO 4254-9 2019-06-19 Agricultural machinery - Safety - Part 9: Seed drills (ISO 4254-9:2018); German version EN ISO 4254-9:2018 More  Comment 
ISO/NP 17506 2019-06-19 Industrial automation systems and integration - COLLADA digital asset schema specification for 3D visualization of industrial data More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 12643-5 2019-06-18 Graphic technology - Safety requirements for graphic technology equipment and systems - Part 5: Manually-fed stand-alone platen presses More  Comment 

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Current Draft Standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN ISO 19014-4 2019-07 Earth-moving machinery - Functional safety - Part 4: Design and evaluation of software and data transmission for safety-related parts of the control system (ISO/DIS 19014-4:2019); German and English version prEN ISO 19014-4:2019 More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN ISO 29464 2019-06 Cleaning of air and other gases - Terminology (ISO 29464:2017); German and English version prEN ISO 29464:2019 More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN ISO 4254-1/A1 2019-06 Agricultural machinery - Safety - Part 1: General requirements - AMENDMENT 1 (ISO 4254-1:2013/DAM 1:2019); German and English version EN ISO 4254-1:2015/prA1:2019 More  Read draft and comment

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Document number Edition Procedure Title
DIN CEN/TS 1459-8; DIN SPEC 3425:2019-03 2019-03 VN Rough-terrain trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Part 8: Variable-reach tractors; German version CEN/TS 1459-8:2018 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN ISO/TS 15066; DIN SPEC 5306:2017-04 2017-04 VN Robots and robotic devices - Collaborative robots (ISO/TS 15066:2016) More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN CEN/TS 115-4; DIN SPEC 15342-4:2015-12 2015-12 VN Safety of escalators and moving walks - Part 4: Interpretations related to EN 115 family of standards; German version CEN/TS 115-4:2015 More  Order from Beuth Verlag


New standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN ISO 18497 2019-08 Agricultural machinery and tractors - Safety of highly automated agricultural machines - Principles for design (ISO 18497:2018); German version EN ISO 18497:2018 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN EN 1143-1 2019-07 Secure storage units - Requirements, classification and methods of test for resistance to burglary - Part 1: Safes, ATM safes, strongroom doors and strongrooms; German version EN 1143-1:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN EN 16842-6 2019-06 Powered industrial trucks - Visibility - Test methods and verification - Part 6: Sit-on counterbalance trucks and rough terrain masted trucks greater than 10000 kg capacity; German version EN 16842-6:2018 More  Order from Beuth Verlag

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Documents withdrawn without replacement
Document number Deadline for comments Title
DIN EN 1459-5 2019-07-31 Rough-terrain trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Part 5: Attachments and attachment interface; German and English version prEN 1459-5:2018 More  Comment 

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