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DIN 8784
Beverage filling lines - Minimum and order related specifications

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Getränkeabfüllanlagen - Mindestangaben und auftragsbezogene Angaben


This standard is intended to support the exchange of technical data between suppliers and customers in regard to design, technology and boundary conditions to be considered as well as interfaces between machines and beverage filling technology. The document can be used analogously for machinery or equipment for other beverage-like products, if these are subject to comparable requirements. This standard is applicable to machinery for the filling of beverages in bottles or cans as well as to machinery for upstream and downstream production steps, as specified in the annex. Machinery or equipment for the production or pre-treatment of beverages is not included in the scope. This standard does not include specifications in regard to safety requirements. Modifications: Compared with DIN 9784:1993-11, the following modifications have been made: a) modification of the title of the standard b) modification of the scope: expansion to machinery for production steps upstream and downstream of the filling process in bottles or cans, exclusion of machinery or equipment for the production or pre-treatment of beverages c) deletion of the former annexes 1) M, beverage mixing machines and carbonators 2) P, bottle sorters 3) Q, crate sorters d) fundamental revision and partial renaming of existing annexes e) introduction of new annexes for 1) stretch blow moulding machine 2) conveyor systems

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NA 060-18-05-02 AK - Beverage filling lines  

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