NA 044

DIN Standards Committee Refrigeration Technology

NA 044-00-01 AA
Safety and environment protection

The committee NA 044-00-01 AA and the subordinate working groups represent German interests in the national, European and international standardization work in the field of safety and environmental protection in refrigerating systems and heat pumps as well as refrigeration equipment. The committee is the national mirror committee of the following European and international committees:

  • CEN/TC 182 "Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements"

with its subordinate working groups:

  • CEN/TC 182/WG 2 "Design and testing";
  • CEN/TC 182/WG 6 "Revision of EN 378";
  • CEN/TC 182/WG 7 "JWG CEN/TC 182/CEN/TC 54 “Pressure vessels for refrigerating systems";
  • CEN/TC 182/WG 9 "Tightness of components";
  • CEN/TC 182/WG 11 "Revision of EN 14624";
  • CEN/TC 182/WG 12 " Flammable refrigerants standardization request M/555 ";
  • CEN/TC 44 "Commercial and professional refrigerating appliances and systems, performance and energy consumption" (mirror committee of the TC and the other working groups is NA 044-00-07 AA):
  • CEN/TC 44/WG 4 "Walk-in cold rooms";
  • CEN/TC 44/WG 7 "Walk-in cold rooms packaged refrigerating units";
  • ISO/TC 86 "Refrigeration and air-conditioning";
  • ISO/TC 86/SC 1 "Safety and environmental requirements for refrigerating systems"

with currently one subordinate working group:

  • ISO/TC 86/SC 1/WG 1 "Safety and environmental requirements for refrigerating systems and heat pumps".

The committee thus offers interested German parties to actively participate in the standardization process, contribute ideas and suggestions and to participate in the exchange of information between the national, European and international stakeholders involved.

Subordinate Committees of NA 044-00-01 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 044-00-01-06 AK Competence of personnel 0


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