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DIN Standards Committee Refrigeration Technology

About FNKä

The DIN-Standards Committee Refrigeration Technology (FNKä) develops national, European and international standards for the design, equipment and installation of refrigerating systems including heat pumps. The scope includes

  • household refrigerant appliances,
  • refrigerated commercial and display cabinets,
  • heat pumps and air conditioners with electrically driven compressors,
  • compressors,
  • oil for refrigerating systems,
  • insulated means for transport,
  • cooling equipment for insulated means of transport.

Work on these topics is mainly carried out within CEN/TC 182 "Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements" the secretariat of which is held by DIN. FNKä also plays an active part in the work of CEN/TC 44 "Commercial refrigerated cabinets, catering refrigerating appliances and industrial refrigeration", CEN/TC 110 "Heat exchangers" and CEN/TC 113 "Heat pumps and air conditioning units". Furthermore the national German comments on the various standardization topics of ISO/TC 86 "Refrigeration and air conditioning" are prepared within the respective national committees.

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New projects
Document number Begin Title
DIN EN 16583 rev 2019-11-04 Heat exchangers - Hydronic room fan coils units - Determination of the sound power level More  Comment 
DIN EN 00113085 2019-08-02 EN 15879-2, Testing and rating of direct exchange ground coupled heat pumps with electrically driven compressors for space heating and/or cooling. Part 2: Water(brine)-to-direct exchange and direct exchange-to-direct exchange heat pumps More  Comment 
DIN EN 14511-3 rev 2019-08-02 Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages and heat pumps for space heating and cooling and process chillers, with electrically driven compressors - Part 3: Test methods More  Comment 

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Current Draft Standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN 17432 2019-11 Packaged refrigerating units for walk-in cold rooms - Classification, performance and energy consumption testing; German and English version prEN 17432:2019 More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN 13732 2019-10 Food processing machinery - Bulk milk coolers on farms - Requirements for performance, safety and hygiene; German and English version prEN 13732:2019 More  Read draft and comment

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Document number Edition Procedure Title
DIN CEN ISO/TS 16491; DIN SPEC 8984:2013-04 2013-04 VN Guidelines for the evaluation of uncertainty of measurement in air conditioner and heat pump cooling and heating capacity tests (ISO/TS 16491:2012); German version CEN ISO/TS 16491:2012 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN-Fachbericht CEN/TR 14739 2005-04 Technical Report Scheme of carrying out a risk assessment for flammable refrigerants in case of household refrigerators and freezers More  Order from Beuth Verlag


New standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN 378-4 2019-12 Refrigerating systems and heat pumps - Safety and environmental requirements - Part 4: Operation, maintenance, repair and recovery; German version EN 378-4:2016+A1:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN EN 13487 2019-11 Heat exchanger - Forced convection air cooled refrigerant condensers and dry coolers - Sound measurement; German version EN 13487:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN 8906 Berichtigung 1 2019-10 PN 40 flared flange solderless compression couplings for use in refrigerating systems; Corrigendum 1 More  Order from Beuth Verlag

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