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DIN EN 16647
Fireplaces for liquid fuels - Decorative appliances producing a flame using alcohol based or gelatinous fuel - Use in private households; German version EN 16647:2015

Title (German)

Feuerstellen für flüssige Brennstoffe - Dekorative Geräte, die unter Verwendung eines Alkohol basierten flüssigen oder gelförmigen Brennstoffes eine Flamme erzeugen - Nutzung im privaten Haushaltbereich; Deutsche Fassung EN 16647:2015


This product standard EN 16647:2015 has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 46 "Fireplaces for liquid fuels" in order to provide a basis for the still relatively new, albeit already sophisticated technology of decorative appliances producing a flame using alcohol based liquid fuel to guarantee customers functional and safe appliances. This standard applies to free-standing wall-mounted and built-in appliances with a maximum output of 4,5 kW. The standard specifies requirements for ready for use appliances; individual components such as simple burner trays cannot meet the requirements within the meaning of this document (and pose a safety risk when used alone). The requirements cover the construction and operation, functional testing, manufacturing, labelling and instructions for decorative fireplaces/appliances producing a flame using alcohol based or gelatinous fuel. Particular attention has been paid to preventing the appliances from being knocked over and the unintentional escape of fuel. Furthermore, requirements have been set for the temperature of the outer areas of the appliance, the quality of combustion and warnings regarding proper operation. The responsible German committee is Working Committee NA 040-03-02 AA "Dekorative Ethanolgeräte" ("Fireplaces for Ethanol/Gel") at DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. (German Institute for Standardization).

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Responsible national committee

NA 040-03-02 AA - Decorative ethanol appliances  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 46/WG 2 - Fireplaces for Ethanol/Gel  

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