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DIN 14584
Fire fighting vehicles - Pull devices with mechanical drive - Requirements, test methods

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Feuerwehrfahrzeuge - Zugeinrichtungen mit maschinellem Antrieb - Anforderungen, Prüfung


The standard applies to pull devices with mechanical drive (winch) installed in firefighting vehicles for pulling and securing loads that are intended for ground traction up to a maximum inclination of 45° and used to provide technical assistance. An inclined pulling angle of 25° downwards and 25° to the right and left shall be ensured up to the nominal pulling force for single-strand pulling or up to the nominal pulling force for straight double-strand pulling. It is recommended that the mechanical traction device in accordance with this standard also be used for disaster control vehicles. The standard contains the technical requirements for minimizing the hazards listed in Annex A of the standard, which may occur during commissioning, use and routine inspections of the mechanical traction device according to the specifications established by the manufacturer or the manufacturer's authorized representative. It is assumed that slings and hauling ropes designed and tested for the respective tractive force are used. The standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 031-04-07 AA "Sonstige Fahrzeuge" ("Other vehicles") at DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection (FNFW).

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NA 031-04-07 AA - Other vehicles  

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