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DIN 14461-1
Delivery valve installations for firefighting purposes - Part 1: Wall hydrants with semi-rigid hose

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Feuerlösch-Schlauchanschlusseinrichtungen - Teil 1: Wandhydrant mit formstabilem Schlauch


In contrast to wall hydrants with flat hoses, wall hydrants with dimensionally stable hoses enable persons present to help themselves in the event of an emergency without the need for special expertise. This standard is intended to enable architects, planners, fire departments and administrative bodies to provide wall hydrants with dimensionally stable hoses in an expedient manner in the appropriate fire protection areas. Basically, these wall hydrants are divided into two types, which are the same in handling, but differ fundamentally in the amount of extinguishing water and the type of water supply connection. With the wall hydrant - type S - the connection of fire hoses is not possible. Wall hydrants - type F - are used for fire fighting by laymen and by the fire department. Fire extinguishing and fire protection systems are used during their service life only in case of fire. If such installations are filled with water and do not flow through, there is a risk that the water will remain in the installations for such a long time that it becomes a sanitary concern. If such installations are connected to the drinking water supply system, they pose a risk to drinking water. DIN 1988-600 applies to the connection of wall hydrants to the drinking water installation. This standard is intended to help enable fire extinguishing water supply pipes with smaller cross-sections to avoid stagnant water. These fire extinguishing water supply pipes are no longer suitable for firefighting by the fire department, but are intended for self-help by building users.
This standard specifies requirements for cabinets and their equipment for hose reels with dimensionally stable hose in accordance with DIN EN 671-1. It specifies the wall hydrant designs Type F and Type S, which differ in their scope of application, extinguishing capacity and requirements for the water connection. DIN 14462 and DIN 1988-600 apply to the installation of wall hydrant systems.
This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 031-03-05 AA "Anlagen zur Löschwasserversorgung einschließlich Wandhydranten - SpA zu CEN/TC 191/WG 9" ("Installations for supply of water for firefighting including hose systems - Mirror committee for CEN/TC 191/WG 9") at DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection (FNFW).

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NA 031-03-05 AA - Systems to supply water for fire fighting - mirror committee of CEN/TC 191/WG 9  

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