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DIN 18230-1
Structural fire protection in industrial buildings - Part 1: Analytically required fire resistance time

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Baulicher Brandschutz im Industriebau - Teil 1: Rechnerisch erforderliche Feuerwiderstandsdauer


The standard fundamentally applies to above-ground buildings or building components in the field of industry and commerce which serve the production (manufacture, treatment, utilization, distribution) or the storage of products or goods. This includes the associated ancillary rooms necessary for operation (for instance, offices, staff rooms, laboratories, areas around test rigs, development areas, etcetera). This standard serves the determination of the analytically required fire resistance time of the fire compartment structural components in industrial buildings (industry and commerce) and thus makes it possible to regulate fire protection requirements dependent on the available fire protection infrastructure in the Federal State Building Order (for instance, in the Industriebaurichtlinie (German guidelines for industrial buildings)). It is assumed that a failure of individual structural components will, with acceptable probability, not occur during a fire or will not lead to a collapse of the load-bearing construction (supporting structure, total construction) and that extinguishing measures can be carried out also within the building over a reasonable time span. The aim of this standard is to supply data for a uniform fire design of industrial buildings with definable fire load, in regard to stability in the case of fire. Fire emergence aspects are not dealt with in this standard. The calculation method of this standard is based on the assumption of a fully-developed fire and is the basis for the definition of the requirements for building materials and structural components as well as the maximum possible dimensions of the fire cells according to the Muster-Industriebaurichtlinie (German model guidelines for industrial buildings). According to the German model guidelines for industrial buildings, differentiated methods of fire protection engineering can also be used. However, these methods are not part of this standard. The most important amendments and additions to the previous document are: - a clearer version of terminology which has led to misinterpretations in the past; - introduction of the new term level as a differentiation to floor; - The different forms of verification have been differentiated more explicitly from one another. In particular, a clearer division for verification of the levels has been realized. - The previous definition gap for the determination of the heat exhaust factors between small and large total opening areas in the ceilings of buildings with several levels has been removed; - a clearer division has been realized between the design standard DIN 18230-1 and MIndBauRL (German model guidelines for industrial buildings) in view of physical bases and building supervision regulations. The Committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-52-30 AA "Baulicher Brandschutz im Industriebau (DIN 18230-1)" ("Structural fire protection in industrial buildings (DIN 18230-1)") at DIN.

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NA 005-52-30 AA - Structural fire design in industrial buildings (DIN 18230-1)  

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