NA 031

DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection

CEN/TC 391
Societal and Citizen Security

The main objective of CEN/TC 391 is to elaborate a family of European standards, standard-like documents (e.g. procedures, guidelines, best practices, minimal codes of practice and similar recommendations) in the Societal and Citizen Security sector including aspects of prevention, response, mitigation, continuity and recovery before, during and after a destabilising or disruptive event. Verification and training will also be considered. CEN/TC 391 will not deal with issues already dealt in other TCs. Concerning technology, CEN/TC 391 may identify needs in product standardisation, but this will not lead to direct action by this CEN/TC. These issues shall be communicated to those CEN, ISO or other TCs working within the framework of these specific products. Where other TCs do not address the identified areas, then CEN/TC 391 will develop the standard(s) or proposed deliverables where appropriate. The standardisation activities will consider the following main issues related to Societal and Citizen Security: - Products and services (equipment, communication, information, goods, transport, energy, cultural inheritance and properties); - Infrastructures (roads, ports, airports, rail stations, bridges, factories...); - Stakeholder needs and requirements, potential conflicts; - Relationship (cultural and geographical diversity); - Citizen requirements and vulnerabilities, including privacy.

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 391

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NA 031-05 FBR Steering Committee of the Section Societal Security