Standards and the law

CE marking

CE marking demonstrates compliance with EU legislation (such as New Approach Directives). It is to be applied by the manufacturer or his/her representative. Some directives require conformity assessment by a neutral third party, called a "notified body", before the marking can be applied.

By applying the CE marking a manufacturer declares - on his/her sole responsibility - that the product meets all the legal requirements and can thus be placed on the EEA market. It should be noted that the CE marking is not a quality mark, nor does it indicate that the product was made in Europe. As such, it is not intended for the end consumer. Other marks are used to indicate quality, such as the German "safety tested" seal ("GS" mark). DIN plays no role in applying the CE mark.

A list of all "notified bodies" for each New Approach Directive is available at the NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) website.