Standards and the law

Standards and copyright

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The results of DIN's standards work are published by its subsidiary publishing house, Beuth Verlag, and together constitute the "Deutsches Normenwerk" (body of German Standards). Standards are developed by stakeholders working together for the benefit of society as a whole. Which is why all those involved in standardization at DIN agree that individual gain from standards work is not compatible with the principle of consensus.

This is why all those who participate in the development of a standard sign an agreement saying they will transfer to DIN the copyright to the results of their work and waive the right to be named as the author. This way DIN can make use of the sales of standards and other deliverables to fund its non-profit work.

You can buy DIN Standards and network licences from Beuth Verlag. Special terms and conditions apply to the reproduction and distribution of DIN Standards by third parties - these are laid down in the "Notices of copyright".

Use this online form to apply for permission to reproduce DIN Standards.