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Testing services

In many sectors the confirmation of a third, neutral party that a product meets requirements, that a service has been properly performed, or that legal provisions are complied with is a prerequisite for market access. Testing services can involve simple measurements or analyses, or the release of complex safety-related software (e.g. for high-speed trains). Testing service providers often must demonstrate their competence to a governmental body or a private accreditation body (which is itself a "testing service provider").

In almost all sectors, testing, certification and conformity evaluation services are either required or voluntarily used to enter the market. Most accreditations are granted on the basis of international technical rules and legislation, and help ensure the free movement of goods, not only within Europe.

Because testing services are provided in nearly all branches of the services sector, the relevant standards, specifications and projects are listed under the branch in question or under "Sector-crossing services".

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