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Energy management and energy efficiency in the framework of energy transition

Standardization in the field of energy management within the energy transition framework in close coordination with CEN/CENELEC sectorial strategy including, but not limited to, subjects such as: -Energy management systems -Energy audits -Energy efficiency and energy performance improvement -Energy and savings calculation methodologies -Energy efficiency improvement financing (For example: Valuation of Energy Related Investments, Energy Performance Contracting minimum requirements, etc.) -Energy services providers -Energy measurement and monitoring -Role of enabling technologies and RES within the energy management and energy efficiency framework Taking into account the horizontal role of JTC 14 and in order to avoid overlap with scopes of other TCs, the following fields are excluded from the scope: -Specific technologies or systems activities within the scope of other CEN, CENELEC or Joint CEN-CENELEC TCs, -Environmental issues.

National mirror committee of CEN/CLC/JTC 14

Committee ID Name
NA 172-00-09 AA Energy efficiency and energy management