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DIN EN 60079-30-2; VDE 0170-30-2:2017-06 2017-06 Explosive atmospheres - Part 30-2: Electrical resistance trace heating - Application guide for design, installation and maintenance (IEC/IEEE 60079-30-2:2015, modified); German version FprEN 60079-30-2:2016 More 
DIN EN 62129-1; VDE 0888-429-1:2014-12 2014-12 Calibration of wavelength/optical frequency measurement instruments - Part 1: Optical spectrum analyzers (IEC 86/468/CD:2014) More 
DIN EN 16465 2014-12 Plastics - Methods for the calibration of black-standard and white-standard thermometers and black-panel and white-panel thermometers for use in natural and artificial weathering; German version prEN 16465:2014 More 
DIN EN 12845 2014-09 Fixed firefighting systems - Automatic sprinkler systems - Design, installation and maintenance; German version FprEN 12845:2014 More 
DIN EN 1709 2014-09 Safety requirements for cableway installations designed to carry persons - Precommissioning inspection, maintenance, operational inspection and checks; German version prEN 1709:2014 More 
DIN EN ISO 16440 2014-07 Petroleum and natural gas industries - Pipeline transportation systems - Design, construction and maintenance of steel cased pipelines (ISO/DIS 16440:2014); German version prEN ISO/DIS 16440:2014 More 
DIN EN 16725 2014-07 Railway applications - Track - Restoration and repair of manganese crossings; German version prEN 16725:2014 More 
DIN EN ISO 24817 2014-07 Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Composite repairs for pipework - Qualification and design, installation, testing and inspection (ISO/DIS 24817:2014); English version prEN ISO 24817:2014 More 
DIN EN 55016-1-6; VDE 0876-16-1-6:2014-06 2014-06 Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods - Part 1-6: Radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus - EMC-antenna calibration (CIS/A/1027A/CDV:2013); German version FprEN 55016-1-6:2013 More 
DIN EN ISO 18613 2014-06 Pallets for materials handling - Repair of flat wooden pallets (ISO/FDIS 18613:2014); German version FprEN ISO 18613:2014 More