• Hydrogen Technologies Standards form the basic framework for market ramp-up

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  • Climate change Standards and specifications support climate targets

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  • Smart Farming Standards and specifications are drivers for the digitalization of agriculture

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Publications of NA 134-04-03 AA

ISO 7168-2 1999-07 Standards Air quality - Exchange of data - Part 2: Condensed data format More  Order from DIN Media
ISO 8756 1994-01 Standards Air quality; handling of temperature, pressure and humidity data More  Order from DIN Media
ISO 9359 1989-09 Standards Air quality; stratified sampling method for assessment of ambient air quality More  Order from DIN Media
ISO 11222 2002-07 Standards Air quality - Determination of the uncertainty of the time average of air quality measurements More  Order from DIN Media
ISO 13752 1998-04 Standards Air quality - Assessment of uncertainty of a measurement method under field conditions using a second method as reference More  Order from DIN Media
ISO 14956 2002-08 Standards Air quality - Evaluation of the suitability of a measurement procedure by comparison with a required measurement uncertainty More  Order from DIN Media