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Standards [CURRENT]


Information technology - Business Operational View - Part 9: Business transaction traceability framework for commitment exchange (Adopted ISO/IEC 15944-9:2015, first edition, 2015-10-01)
Edition 2016-12-01

Standards [CURRENT]

IPC 1782B

Standard for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Traceability of Electronic Products
Edition 2023-09-01

Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDMA 66412-11

Manufacturing Execution Systems - Traceability within the shop floor area
Edition 2021-03

Technical rule [CURRENT]

ISO/TR 16340

Application of blockchain-based traceability platform for cold chain food
Edition 2023-07



Crop protection equipment - Traceability - Spray parameter recording
Edition 2018-11-12

Standards [CURRENT]

ABNT NBR ISO 12176-4

Plastics pipes and fittings - Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems Part 4: Traceability coding
Edition 2017-07-24

Draft standard

23/30434706 DC

BS ISO 59014 Environmental management and circular economy. Sustainability and traceability of secondary materials recovery. Principles and requirements
Edition 2023-10-16

Draft standard

23/30447785 DC

Draft BS 32120. Transaction assurance in E-commerce. Guidelines on sharing of goods quality assurance related traceability information in E-commerce supply chains
Edition 2023-11-01

Standards [CURRENT]

BS ISO 14167

Gas analysis. General quality aspects and metrological traceability of calibration gas mixtures
Edition 2018-11-28

Technical rule [CURRENT]

BS CWA 14659

Traceability of fishery products - Specification of the information to be recorded in farmed fish distribution chains
Edition 2003-02-15

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