Workshop Agreement [Withdrawn]

DIN CWA 16633; DIN SPEC 91298:2013-09
Ageing behaviour of Structural Components with regard to Integrated Lifetime Assessment and subsequent Asset Management of Constructed Facilities; English version CWA 16633:2013

Title (German)

Alterungsverhalten von Bauteilen in Bezug auf ganzheitliche Lebenszyklusbewertungen und weiterführendes Erhaltungsmanagement von Infrastrukturbauten; Englische Fassung CWA 16633:2013




The present European CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA 16633:2013) was prepared by CEN Workshop CEN/WS 63 "Structural Condition Determination for Integrated Lifetime Assessment of Plants, Structures and Components", the secretariat of which is held by ASI (Austria). The objective of this agreement (CEN Workshop Agreement, CWA) is to elaborate a standard framework for the results of the IRIS Project, while it is recognized that there cannot be one extensive methodology fit for all specific industries. The standard framework covers methodologies for lifecycle management of constructed infrastructure. In order to meet the infrastructure owner's governing requirements regarding safety, operability and durability, the present CWA addresses the following major aspects: 1) The determination/estimation of the design life of new structures 2) The determination/estimation of the residual life of existing structures 3) Assessment criteria whether the real degradation process, determined by proper technologies, corresponds with the assumed and applied life cycle model, in order to take corrective measures in cases of accelerated ageing 4) Maintenance instructions to ensure the intended service life

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