Standardization Roadmap AI: Launch of the second edition

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DIN and DKE have given the go-ahead to begin work on the second edition of the German Standardization Roadmap Artificial Intelligence. The aim of this Roadmap is the early development of a framework for action for standardization that will support the international competitiveness of German industry and will raise European values to the international level. With this step, DIN is implementing a provision of the AI strategy of the German Federal Government. Field of action 10, as outlined in the Strategy, expressly deals with “Setting standards”. The Roadmap is being developed at the behest of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

The foundation for further AI development

Standards and specifications provide an essential basis for the further development of artificial intelligence. This point is made particularly clear by the draft regulation on AI published by the EU Commission in spring 2021, (Artificial Intelligence Act), which attributes a central role to standards and specifications pertaining to high-risk AI applications: Requirements for AI systems, such as transparency, robustness and accuracy, are to be technically specified through harmonized European Standards. One objective of the second edition of the Standardization Roadmap AI will be to take these needs into account when shaping the ongoing blueprint for standardization work.

Updating and further development

This second edition will also build on and further develop the results of the first edition of the Roadmap. As part of this process, the second edition also sets new priorities and will formulate recommendations for action in the thematic areas of socio-technical systems, financial services and environment/energy. The work began with a kick-off event on 20 January 2021 where interested experts from industry, science, the public sector and civil society can obtain information on how to get involved. The publication of the Standardization Roadmap AI - 2nd edition is scheduled for the end of 2022.

We need your expertise - get involved!

DIN and DKE are still looking for AI experts from industry, science, the public sector and civil society to update and further develop the second edition and to implement the recommendations from the first edition of the Roadmap. Interested experts can register to participate on the collaborative platform DIN.ONE.

High-level coordination group

The high-level Coordination Group “AI standardization and conformity” founded in May 2021 is in charge of steering the work and the implementation of the Standardization Roadmap AI. This group, with representatives from industry, the public sector, science and civil society, brings together all areas relevant to AI. It is not only responsible for the further strategic development of the Roadmap, but also considers itself to be the place of coordination, exchange of ideas and participation for the entire AI landscape in Germany for aspects of AI relevant to standards and standardization. The AI Office of DIN and DKE supports the efforts of the coodination group.

Implementation of the recommendations

The results of the first edition of the Standardization Roadmap AI were presented at the Digital Summit of the Federal Government on 30 November 2020 and handed over to the Federal Government. The Roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of the status quo, requirements and challenges, as well as the need for standardization on seven key topics related to artificial intelligence. The five overarching and central recommendations for action identified by participating experts are currently being implemented. These measures will help to build trust in AI and thus support the development of this future technology. After the results of the Roadmap were presented and concrete implementation projects for the development of standards and specifications were discussed, in 2021 the initiation of the first projects began. 


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  • Taking part. The roadmap was developed with expertes in the field of artificial intelligence on our platform DIN.ONE.

The results of the first edition provide a comprehensive overview of the status quo, requirements and challenges.

The work on the Standardization Roadmap AI is being steered and accompanied by a high-level coordination group.

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