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In a joint project with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), DIN and DKE developed together with experts from industry, science, the public sector and civil society a roadmap for standards and specifications in the field of artificial intelligence. The aim was the early development of a framework for action in the field of standardization which will strengthen the global competitiveness of German industry and make European values the global benchmark. With this step, DIN is implementing the AI strategy of the German Federal Government. The field of Action 10, as outlined in the Strategy, explicitly deals with the topic “Setting standards”.

First results and concrete recommendations for action

After about one year of intensive work, the results of the Standardization Roadmap AI were presented at the Digital Summit of the Federal Government on 30 November 2020 and handed over to the Federal Government. The Roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of the status quo, requirements and challenges as well as the need for standardization on seven key topics related to artificial intelligence: basic principles, ethics/responsible AI, quality, conformity assessment and certification, IT security in AI systems, industrial automation, mobility and logistics and AI in medicine. The participating experts identified five overarching and central recommendation for action whose implementation should help to build trust in AI and thus support the development of this future technology.

Experts needed for implementation

DIN and DKE are looking for experts from a wide range of sectors to implement the recommendations of the Roadmap. At various events, the results of the Roadmap will be presented and future implementation projects to develop standards and specifications will be discussed. If you are interested, please contact Filiz Elmas, Head of Business Development Artificial Intelligence at DIN.  

High-level steering group

The Roadmap was developed in an open and transparent process - led by a high-level steering group chaired by Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster (Steering Committee Platform Learning Systems). The task of the steering group is to structure the Roadmap and to set the content and strategic direction. The contents of the Roadmap were developed in seven working groups. Around 300 experts from various sectors and with different backgrounds contributed their expertise. The Standardization Roadmap AI will be continuously updated in order to refelect changing requirements.


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The Roadmap provides an overview of the status quo, requirements and challenges, as well as the standardization needs on seven key topics.

Five cross-cutting, key recommendations for action in particular should be implemented.

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