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DIN 62136-1
Textile machinery and accessories - Needle and sinker lubricating oils for knitting machines with independent needles - Part 1: Minimum requirements for oils based on minerals

Title (German)

Textilmaschinen und Zubehör - Nadel- und Platinenschmieröle für Strickmaschinen - Teil 1: Mindestanforderungen an Öle auf Mineralölbasis


This document applies to needle and sinker lubricating oils based on minerals which are mainly used for pressure and spray application of the needles and sinkers in knitting machines. Mineral oils are hydrocarbons produced from petroleum by distillation and subsequent refining. The document harmonizes the different test procedures which were previously used in practice. Moreover, minimum requirements for the properties of oil are specified in order to determine whether needle and sinker lubricating oils are suitable. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 106-02-08 AA "Wirk- und Strickmaschinen; SpA zu ISO/TC 72/SC 3" ("Knitting machinery; Mirror committee to ISO/TC 72/SC 3") at DIN.

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NA 106-02-08 AA - Knitting machinery; Mirror committee to ISO/TC 72/SC 3  

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