NA 145

DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials

ISO/TC 261/JG 78
Joint ISO/TC 261-ASTM F 42 Group: Safety regarding AM-machines (relating to harmonized European Standards, Type C-Standard)

ISO/TC 261/JG 78 is a Joint group for drafting safety standards for additive manufacturing machines used for the 7 process categories as identified in ISO 17296-2 and using all different types of materials (e.g. metals, polymers and ceramics) as feedstock. The purpose of this group is to draft standards to be harmonized regarding the European Machinery Directive in order to give presumption of conformity to this Directive for the essential requirements covered by the standard

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 261/JG 78

Committee ID Name
NA 145-04-02 GA Additive Manufacturing – NWT, NAS & NL Joint working committee Metals and Aerospace