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Drafts of NA 145

Number: 18

DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52904 2022-11 Additive manufacturing of metals - Process characteristics and performance - Metal powder bed fusion process to meet critical applications (ISO/ASTM DIS 52904:2022); German and English version prEN ISO/ASTM 52904:2022 More 
DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52910 2022-09 Additive manufacturing - Design - Requirements, guidelines and recommendations (ISO/ASTM DIS 52910:2022); German and English version prEN ISO/ASTM 52910:2022 More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52945 2022-08 Additive manufacturing for automotive - Qualification principles - Generic machine evaluation and specification of key performance indicators for PBF-LB/M processes (ISO/ASTM DIS 52945:2022); German and English version prEN ISO/ASTM 52945:2022 More 
DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52935 2022-08 Additive manufacturing of metals - Qualification principles - Qualification of AM coordination personnel (ISO/ASTM DIS 52935:2022); German and English version prEN ISO/ASTM 52935:2022 More 
DIN EN ISO 3995 2022-08 Metallic powders - Determination of green strength by transverse rupture of rectangular compacts (ISO/DIS 3995:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 3995:2022 More 
DIN EN ISO 4491-2 2022-06 Metallic powders - Determination of oxygen content by reduction methods - Part 2: Loss of mass on hydrogen reduction (hydrogen loss) (ISO/DIS 4491-2:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 4491-2:2022 More 
DIN EN ISO 3252 2022-05 Powder metallurgy - Vocabulary (ISO/DIS 3252:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 3252:2022 More 
DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52909 2022-04 Additive manufacturing - Finished part properties - Orientation and location dependence of mechanical properties for metal powder bed fusion (ISO/ASTM DIS 52909:2021); German and English version prEN ISO/ASTM 52909:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52927 2022-03 Additive manufacturing - General principles - Main characteristics and corresponding test methods (ISO/ASTM DIS 52927:2022); German and English version prEN ISO/ASTM 52927:2022 More 
DIN EN ISO 5755 2022-02 Sintered metal materials - Specifications (ISO/DIS 5755:2022); German and English version prEN ISO 5755:2022 More