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DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials

NA 145-04-02 GA
Additive Manufacturing – NWT, NAS & NL Joint working committee Metals and Aerospace

The Joint Working Committee NA 145-04-02 GA of the Materials Technology Standards Committee (NWT) has the task of developing standards and standardization projects for the application of additive manufacturing processes according to DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52900 for metallic materials and in the aerospace industry, including the categories - powder bed based melting (PBF), powder bed technology - Material application with directed energy deposition (DED), directed energy deposition and - layer lamination (SHL), processing. NA 145-04-02 GA is the German mirror committee of the international working group ISO/TC 261/JWG 10 "Joint Working Group ISO/TC 261 and ISO/TC 44/SC 14: Additive manufacturing in aerospace" as well as various JGs of ISO/TC 261 related to the topic of metals.

Subordinate Committees of NA 145-04-02 GA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 145-04-02-01 GAK Additive Manufacturing - Joint working group NWT/NAM/NAS/FNCA/NAA/NARD: AM-components under the PED fabricated with additive manufacturing methods 0


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