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CEN/WS 098
Bionic Aircraft - ALM technology and bionic design

The purpose of this CEN Workshop is to agree well-defined specifications for: -Optimized ALM support structures made from AL alloys -Quality control of metal ALM parts using the Ultrasonic technique The agreement will be formalized by two CEN Workshop agreements (CWA’s). -BIONIC Aircraft - Optimized ALM support structures made from AL alloys 6 V 4.1 This document provides a mutual international understanding of optimized support structures in the laser beam melting of Al alloys. It provides the missing design guidelines for the choice of adequate support types for different use cases. Therefore, five different support types in total have been chosen and characterized regarding various target figures: Material consumption, removability and tensile strength of the supports themselves, as well as surface influence on and dimensional accuracy of the supported part. Additionally, novel biomimetic support types have been developed and tested for material consumption and removability, showing great potential for further optimization. Adequate application of supports increases the productivity by preventing build job failures and is one key factor to ensure a reproducible part quality. Results of this document reveal that proper selection of supports can greatly reduce post-processing effort regarding removability of supports and overall material consumption, while the post processing effort for surface finishing is not positively affected. The novel biomimetic support structures show promising results considering material consumption and removability. -BIONIC Aircraft - Quality control of metal ALM parts using the Ultrasonic technique...

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