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Small craft - Non-fire-resistant fuel hoses (ISO 8469:2013); German version EN ISO 8469:2013

Title (German)

Kleine Wasserfahrzeuge - Nicht feuerwiderstandsfähige Kraftstoffschläuche (ISO 8469:2013); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 8469:2013


This standard specifies general requirements and physical tests for non-fire-resistant hoses used as petrol or diesel fuel pipes. It applies to hoses for small craft of hull length up to 24 m with permanently installed fuel systems. This standard has been prepared under a mandate given to CEN by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association to provide a means of conforming to Essential Requirements of the New Approach Directive 94/25/EC as amended by Directive 2003/44/EC. The standard applies for small craft of hull length up to 24 m and specifies the Essential Requirements of the aforementioned Recreational Craft Directive in Annex 1, 5.1.1 "Inboard engine", 5.2.1 "Fuel system, General", 5.6.1 "Fire protection, General" as well as Annex II "Components", clause 4 "Fuel tanks and fuel hoses". It provides manufacturers and purchasers of craft with legal security by the highest presumption of conformity with regard to the relevant part of the legal requirements. This edition contains the following technical modifications to the previous document: a) a standardized test liquid for the bursting pressure test has been specified; b) the conditions for the fuel permeation test have been modified. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 132-08-01-05 AK "ISO/TC 188/WG 5 Motoren und Antriebssyteme" ("ISO/TC 188/WG 5 Engines and propulsion systems") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 132-08-01 AA - Small Craft 

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 188 - Small craft 

Edition 2013-12
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