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DIN Standards Committee Quality Management, Statistics and Certification

DIN EN ISO 9001 [CURRENT] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
BetrieblStrlSchSSKEmpfBek 2020-04-29 Bekanntmachung einer Empfehlung der Strahlenschutzkommission - Organisatorische Voraussetzungen für einen erfolgreichen betrieblichen Strahlenschutz More 
DIN VDE V 0827-11 ; VDE V 0827-11:2018-12 2018-12 Emergency and danger systems - Part 11: Emergency service control center - Control center with safety tasks More 
DIN VDE V 0833-4-1 ; VDE V 0833-4-1:2018-12 2018-12 Alarm systems for fire, intrusion and hold-up - Part 4-1: Active loudspeakers More 
DIN 14675-2 2020-01 Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 2: Requirements to the specialised company More 
DIN 77006 2020-06 Intellectual property management systems - Requirements More 
DVGW G 450 2017-09 Pigging of Gas Pipelines More 
KTA 1401 2017-11 General Requirements Regarding Quality Assurance More 
KTA 1402 2017-11 Integrated Management Systems for the Safe Operation of Nuclear Power Plants More 
KTA 3205.1 2018-10 Component support structures with non-integral connections - Part 1: Component support structures with non-integral connections for components of the reactor coolant pressure boundary of light water reactors More 
KTA 3205.2 2018-10 Component Support Structures with Non-integral Connections - Part 2: Component Support Structures with Non-Integral Connections for Pressure and Activity-Retaining Components in Systems Outside the Primary Circuit More