NA 051

DIN Standards Committee Municipal Services

NA 051-03-01 AA
Waste disposal; Vehicles and equipment (Mirror committee to CEN/TC 183/WG 2)

NKT Working Committee 051-03-01 AA is entrusted with specifying terminology, dimensions, technical requirements, safety requirements and tests relating to disposal logistics with the aim of developing standards on refuse collection vehicles and associated lifting devices, multi-bucket system vehicles, roller contact tipper vehicles and swap bodies.

Subordinate Committees of NA 051-03-01 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 051-03-01-03 GAK -dormant Joint working group NKT/NAM: Waste compactors 0
NA 051-03-01-04 AK Refused collection vehicles 0
NA 051-03-01-06 AK Vehicle marking 0
NA 051-03-01-07 AK Roller contact tipper vehicles and multi-bucket system vehicles and their associated devices 0


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