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DIN 68800-1
Wood preservation - Part 1: General

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Holzschutz - Teil 1: Allgemeines


On the one hand, during the revision of the DIN 68800 standard series on wood preservation, the European Standards developed by CEN/TC had to be taken into account. On the other hand, the national standards had to be adapted to the state of the art. The principles of wood protection are given in Part 1. Part 2 of the standard regulates the structural wood protection which has not been taken into account on the European level due to the very different regional customs. Part 3 specifies how, in accordance with European Standards, wood treated with wood preservatives may be used in Germany. The curative treatment described in Part 4 is only dealt with to some extent in the European Standards. The DIN 68800 standard series is of significant importance in building. The revision was of great interest for interested parties. Building inspection, timber construction, wood preservative industry, science, testing institutes, the sawmill industry, environmental organizations, users, pest controllers and architects were represented in the committees. The discussions took place on the one side between the conflicting parties building maintenance and the necessary health and environmental protection on the other side. It is specified under which conditions the chemical wood preservation measures can be waived. It specifies for necessary, preventative chemical or proactive measures how these measures shall be carried out professionally, effectively and safely. This standard specifies the general prerequisites for protection of installed wood and wooden materials against reduction in value or destruction by organisms as well as for curative measures that may be necessary. It contains the obligation to consider construction measures. The standard supplements, in connection with DIN 68800-2 and DIN 68800-3, DIN EN 1995-1-1 with DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA with regard to stability and usability during the intended service life of timber structures. It does not apply for protection of wood against fire. The standard specifies use classes on the basis of the given hazard under various operating conditions and assigns protection measures to them. For protection of wooden bridges, the specifications in DIN EN 1995-2 with DIN EN 1995-2/NA also apply. Temporary protection of round and sawn timber after cutting against fungi discolouring wood, including storage prior to processing is not covered by this standard. The standard replaces DIN 52175:1975-01 and DIN 68800-1:1974-05. The independent standards have been summarized and updated. The general statements from DIN 68800-3:1990-04 have been taken over and the use classes specified in DIN EN 335-1 have been considered. An overview of the measures for wood protection and extended information about natural durability which were so far only contained in DIN 68800-3 have been included. Furthermore, regulations for selection of protection measures and an informative Annex A on the thermal and chemical modification for wood protection have been incorporated. Information for planning of wood protection measures for non-loadbearing components, taking into consideration the intended operating life, have been supplemented as informative Annex E. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 042-03-01 AA "Holzschutz Grundlagen" ("Wood preservation, principles") at DIN.

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NA 042-03-01 AA - Wood preservation general 

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