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VG 96916-20
Electrical systems for land vehicles - Part 20: Multi-voltage systems with DC intermediate circuit, design and electrical protection measures, technical specification; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Elektrische Bordnetze für Landfahrzeuge - Teil 20: Multi-Voltage-Systeme mit Gleichspannungs-Zwischenkreis, Auslegung und elektrische Schutzmaßnahmen, Technische Spezifikation; Text Deutsch und Englisch


This standard is a basic standard for the field of electrical on-board systems for land vehicles. The document describes the design of multi-voltage systems with DC intermediate circuit and the necessary protective measures The document also contains examples in the form of schematic diagrams. This standard does not cover requirements for lightning and over-voltage protection. Those subjects are addressed in VG 96907-1. This standard has been prepared by, Working Committee NA 140-00-17-23 UA "Elektrische Bordnetze für Landfahrzeuge" ("Electrical systems for land vehicles") at DIN Standards Committee Electrical Engineering (NE).

Responsible national committee

NA 140-00-17-23 UA - Electrical systems for land vehicles  

Edition 2016-03
Original language German , English
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