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Number: 85

DIN 4844-2/A1 2021-11-18 Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Part 2: Registered safety signs; Amendment A1 More  Comment 
DIN EN 12221 2021-11-16 Child care articles - Changing units and changing pads for domestic use - Safety requirements and test methods; German and English version prEN 12221:2022 More  Comment 
DIN EN 17826 2021-11-12 Child care articles - Chemical hazards - Requirements and test methods; German and English version prEN 17826:2022 More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 30011 2021-11-05 Workplace air - Determination of metals and metalloids in airborne particulate matter by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry More  Comment 
DIN CEN ISO/TR 22100-5 2021-10-12 Safety of machinery - Relationship with ISO 12100 - Part 5: Implications of artificial intelligence machine learning (ISO/TR 22100-5:2021) More  Comment 
ISO/WD TR 8124-8 2021-10-06 Safety of toys - Part 8: Age determination guidelines More  Comment 
DIN EN 14986 rev 2021-09-28 Konstruktion von Ventilatoren für den Einsatz in explosionsgefährdeten Bereichen More  Comment 
DIN EN 14994 rev 2021-09-23 Gas explosion venting protective systems More  Comment 
DIN EN 15089 2021-09-23 Explosion isolation systems More  Comment 
DIN EN 16009 rev 2021-09-23 Flameless explosion venting devices More  Comment