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DIN Standards Committee Welding and allied processes

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Drafts of NA 092

Number: 31

DIN EN 14700 2022-01 Welding consumables - Welding consumables for hard-facing; German and English version prEN 14700:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO 10447 2022-01 Resistance welding - Testing of welds - Peel and chisel testing of resistance spot and projection welds (ISO/DIS 10447:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 10447:2021 More 
DIN 32516 2022-01 Thermal cutting - Ability for thermal cutting of components of metallic materials - General principles More 
DIN EN 4677-001 2022-01 Aerospace series - Welded and brazed assemblies for aerospace constructions - Joints of metallic materials by electron beam welding - Part 001: Quality of welded assemblies; German and English version FprEN 4677-001:2021 More 
DIN ISO 11745 2021-12 Brazing for aerospace applications - Qualification test for brazers and brazing operators - Brazing of metallic components (ISO/DIS 11745:2021); Text in German and English More 
DIN EN ISO 15614-6 2021-10 Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials - Welding procedure test - Part 6: Arc and gas welding of copper and its alloys (ISO/DIS 15614-6:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 15614-6:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO 18274 2021-09 Welding consumables - Solid wire electrodes, solid strip electrodes, solid wires and solid rods for fusion welding of nickel and nickel alloys - Classification (ISO/DIS 18274:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 18274:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO 15610 2021-09 Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials - Qualification based on tested welding consumables (ISO/DIS 15610:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 15610:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO 17660 2021-09 Welding - Welding of reinforcing steel (ISO/DIS 17660:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 17660:2021 More 
DIN EN ISO 5817 2021-08 Welding - Fusion-welded joints in steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys (beam welding excluded) - Quality levels for imperfections (ISO/DIS 5817:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 5817:2021 More