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DIN 6870-100
Quality management system in medical radiology - Part 100: General

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Qualitätsmanagementsystem in der medizinischen Radiologie - Teil 100: Allgemeines


For radiological organizations, the necessity of quality management is regulated in a binding manner in SGB V § 135. It has been demonstrated that the introduction of quality management systems (QM systems) on the basis of established management systems in organizations requires significant effort and does not always deliver adequate added value for the institution. The introduction of the subject-specific standard series DIN 6870 "Quality management system in medical radiology" shall, on the one hand, support the introduction of a quality management system and, on the other hand, provide the opportunity for a certification exclusively on the basis of this standard series. Due to the subject-specific designs the standard series provides adapted modules within quality management systems that have been kept general. In this standard basics necessary for a quality management system in organizations are defined. In the supplementary standards of this series, specific requirements for the individual sub-sections of organizations are specified. The certification in accordance with the DIN 6870 series is therefore always a combination of the basic standard and at least one of the standards covering sub-sections. Thus, the opportunity is created for the responsible parties in an organization to satisfy the legal provisions in a target-oriented, uncomplicated manner and with limited effort. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 080-00-04 AA "Informationsverarbeitung" ("Information processing") of the Radiology Standards Committee.

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NA 080-00-04 AA - Information processing  

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