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Number: 9

DIN-Fachbericht 52 2020-11-30 Europäische Einstufung von humanpathogenen Mikroorganismen More  Comment 
DIN-Fachbericht 53 2020-11-30 Biotechnology-Microorganisms - Report on the criteria used to classify Group I genetically modified microorganisms; German version CR 13426 More  Comment 
DIN V ENV 12443 2020-11-30 Medical informatics - Healthcare Information Framework (HIF); English version ENV 12443:1999 More  Comment 
DIN-Fachbericht 64 2020-11-30 Vergleich der Einstufungen von tierpathogenen Mikroorganismen in Europa; Deutsche Übersetzung des CEN-Reports 12894 More  Comment 
DIN-Fachbericht 41 2020-11-30 Investigation of syntaxes for existing interchange formats to be used in healthcare - EWOS Technical Guide: Profiles for medical image interchange More  Comment 
DIN V ENV 12612 2020-11-30 Medical informatics - Messages for the exchange of healthcare administrative information; English version ENV 12612:1997 More  Comment 
DIN V ENV 13609-2 2020-11-30 Health informatics - Messages for maintenance of supporting information in healthcare systems - Part 2: Updating of medical laboratory-specific information; English version ENV 13609-2:2000 More  Comment 
DIN V ENV 13730-1 2020-11-30 Health informatics - Blood transfusion related messages - Part 1: Subject of care related messages; English version ENV 13730-1:2001 More  Comment 
DIN V ENV 13730-2 2020-11-30 Healthcare Informatics - Blood transfusion related messages - Part 2: Product related messages (BTR-PROD); German version ENV 13730-2:2002, Text English More  Comment