NA 060

DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering

ISO/TC 23/SC 3
Safety and comfort

Standardisation of safety, comfort, as well as ergonomic aspects, concerning the operation of tractors and agricultural machinery.

    According to the Resolution C235:2001 of ISO/TC 23 :

  • 1. SC 3 is responsible for the elaboration of general (horizontal) standards related to safety, comfort and ergonomics of agricultural tractors and machinery;
  • 2. the relevant specific (vertical/product) SCs are responsible for the elaboration of the specific safety standards for the machines falling in their scope, related to different groups of agricultural machinery, provided that the work being conducted within JWGs with SC 3 representatives;
  • 3. in case of disbanding of a specific (vertical/product) SC, SC 3 is responsible for the possible revision of the specific standards.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 23/SC 3

Committee ID Name
NA 060-16-30 AA Agricultural machinery - specific projects